Heart Fairy

The Heart Fairy books are about being loved by your Heart Fairy, no matter what.

Hello, I am your Heart Fairy. I live in the loving energy of your heart. I love you with all my heart. And, since I am connected to your Soul, to Source, to God; I share their love with you.

Some of you have a hard time connecting to the love in your heart, and that is why I, your Heart Fairy, am here. I am here in these books to remind you that no matter what is going on in your life, there is love.

I also represent Hope. Hope is one way to remember that love is still present.

These books are for all ages, to teach Little Ones that it is ok to have the experiences they’re having; with life, with family, and with their feelings. And for Big Ones, to remind them that they and their “not-so-good” experiences are loved, no matter what. Forgiveness and Hope and Love is there for you.

Heart Fairy is the first book: you are loved, no matter how big or small you are, what color you are, etc.

Heart Fairy and Your Family depicts many variations of families (Mom and Dad, only Dad, 2 Moms, and more) and that your Heart Fairy loves you no matter what kind of family you live in.

Heart Fairy and Your Feelings portrays 18 feelings, again with your Heart Fairy loving you no matter what emotion you are feeling. (For Little Ones, identifying feelings is an important developmental step. For Big Ones, being reminded that you are loved, no matter what your feelings are, allowing you to find the love in your heart for you.)

Heart Fairy  and Your Anxiety is written in a different format. It is about identifying and calming the anxiety energy and more.

We delight in the magic of fairies.
And then there is the magic of love.