About Terri

My inspiration for writing the Heart Fairy books arose from my granddaughter and a new friend, ages 4 & 6, meeting and playing at the beach. They both felt different; less than acceptable. One had divorced parents, and one wished for different skin color. We have the need to love ourselves because no matter how unique we are, we all want to be loved.
I wrote these books about 10 years ago, and employed my illustrator, Kate Cook, then Kate Winchell. She was a senior in high school, and then a college student. She is a very talented artist, having won awards, and is in business as an artist.
Why has it taken 10 years to publish these books? I had hired my (current) publisher then, and we were to the point of getting them printed. We then both encountered difficulties. I took it as a sign that it was not the time.
Then I went through “the dark night of the soul.” For about 7 years, I lovingly “let go” of the parts of me that I didn’t love (memories of experiences of shame, guilt, anger, depression, and anxiety).
During this time I’ve also been caring for my elderly parents which allowed me more time to myself for loving and accepting all aspects of myself. I am now emerging as an understanding, confident woman. Self-acceptance and self-love are important to me.
My intention with the Heart Fairy books is to let everyone know that they have a loving place in their heart for themselves.