Elementary Schools and Libraries

My presentation entails reading Heart Fairy to the children, followed by a discussion on ways of being kind to ourselves as a way of loving ourselves. If you allow it, I will sell my books at the end.

Middle and High Schools (and Adult Organizations)

Either small groups or large groups.

My presentation will discuss how our self-esteem is formed by our self-talk, and how they become habits. We’ll discuss becoming aware and making choices for acceptance of self. If you allow it, I will sell my books at the end.


Fees are negotiable.
Where: within a 2 hour radius of Wisconsin Dells. Contact me for further information.

About Terri

I am a retired mental health nurse. I’ve worked with troubled teens and the mentally ill on making better choices for themselves. I am a mother and grandmother, who has always loved reading to children. I am also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.