HF & Anxiety

What is anxiety? There are a variety of definitions. Here’s what the Bridges to Recovery site says:  “Anxiety is a natural and healthy emotion most everyone experiences. It is a vital feeling, because it alerts people to pay attention to important issues or warns of potential danger. But with Anxiety Disorder, the fear response becomes exaggerated.”

“High-Functioning Anxiety” This is the population of people with anxiety who don’t identify themselves with anxiety. On the Bridges to Recovery site, these people “appear not to have any disruptions or impairments of life functions, people do not know anything is wrong, not even the person who is experiencing the anxiety. A person might look fine, even though his or her heart rate might be elevated, and intense feelings of doom and gastrointestinal distress are present. However, the ability to ‘power through to get the job done’ is high enough to overcome the anxiety while in public. Some of these people later ‘crash’ when in private. The exercise of controlling intense emotions can take a toll and require time alone, or periods of very low functioning in order to regroup.”

In my biography of the first three books, I identified myself as being shy and insecure. Since writing those books, I realized that I have anxiety and fit in the category of a: high functioning” anxious person. I also realized that my family also fits into this category, and wrote this book after watching my daughter deal with her son, without wanting to believe that anxiety was causing his acting-out behaviors.

My book HF & Anxiety is for parents and children to explore the idea that anxiety may be the cause of some behavior issues. I identify some behaviors, and I offer a calming technique for anyone to use.

I would also like to mention another website for more information on children and anxiety (and other conditions). It is childmind.org; lots of common-sense information, including do’s and don’ts. Raising anxious children when you are anxious can be stressful. Educate yourself on better techniques for coping. It is a loving thing to do for you and your family.

The book is not yet out. Yes, I will make an announcement of its birth to the marketplace. Please check out the facebook page of “HF & Anxiety” for information and updates.