Heart Fairy and Anxiety


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Heart Fairy & Anxiety is an excellent book for explaining anxiety as an energy that can be managed, which will assist parents in their parenting skills with their anxious children, and will assist adults in a new understanding of their anxiety. A simple 3-step process for calming the anxious energy is included. Your Heart Fairy assures you that you are a “super hero” just for identifying your anxious energy and doing the deep breathing, which is the first step! The back of the book includes more insight for adults regarding the technique, further resources, and social anxiety information.

Heart Fairy is a children’s book for all ages about always being loved by your Heart Fairy, no matter what.

Heart Fairy will include a message with a shining star inside the front cover. “I am always shining, just for you. Your Heart Fairy.

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Hardcover, Paperback

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